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Hexhammers Bongerific Adventure Hexhammers Bongerific Adventure

Rated 3 / 5 stars

You never told me about this.

It's beautiful. A couple of issues are that it's short, and you used Door Logic. Also, it's not constructive >;C:C:C;Cc;ccC

MS Paint Racers MS Paint Racers

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

As much as i would not like to leave a review right now, i accidentally gave it a "2" because i'm dumb.

First of all, the graphics are amazing for MS Paint. Good job! :)
Second, i actually really enjoyed the game! The only reason it's not a perfect score is because of the reused tracks (Excluding Coast 2. That's fine.), but i understand that since everything in this game is MS Paint :P

But of course, my clumsy instincts gave this a 2. I will never forgive you, hands. :(

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I'll start off this review by saying this. As much as i like 'Operating Systems' made in Scratch, they shouldn't be on Newgrounds. (I've made one myself (Pinwheel OS) but do you see it here? No, it's barely finished.)

Also, keeping in mind that this was made in scratch, this is empty. There's nothing really interesting to really grab your attention. I do like the large arrangement of themes and the good amount of wallpapers, but the project didn't even start on the default wallpaper.

Cornerstone is just a single costume, and that's it. There's only one music track (and it's short), and the way the settings work are kinda weird... mind is telling me one and a half stars for you. I do think this would go along smoothly in Scratch, however.

WindowwsUser66 responds:

Cornerstone is 7 sprites. The music track is made by me, I am not an expert, so I tend to stretch the time as far as I can, and if you want, check it out in Scratch if you need/want to. I would say I only uploaded this here because I was
1. Testing out how smoothly it would work here. (Not too smooth)
2. Trying to get some more views.
3. It was a big BIG BIG milestone of operating systems I made, with vector and less laggy scripting than one of my past projects.

Stifler | Demo Stifler | Demo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This game looks promising! The only things i can find wrong here are:
1.) Some poor english. Not that that matters, doesn't affect my score. (Ex: "Are you seriously?")
2.) The volume of the footsteps need to be turned down. They're too loud as is. Maybe add an option to turn off sound effects?
Aaand that's it! Good luck! :)