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Stick Figure Mania Stick Figure Mania

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Well i'm going to leave a review seeing that all of the other reviews you got on your other submissions aren't helpful.

A lot of the content used here, as you say, comes from "Stick Figure Madness". Try to make something fresh every time instead of re-using content for almost half the movie. That's just being lazy.

The old clips. The first one is just bad, 'Making Friends' doesn't really make sense at all, and the third one just didn't have enough going for it. Make these clips longer.

The new clips. The first one, again, didn't have enough going for it, the second one doesn't make any sense, but the third one is really the only reason this gets half a star. I don't really know why.

If i were to give any advice, make the clips longer, and don't use pivot. I know how little effort it takes to make something in pivot. "But what else would i use?" Do you know how to make a game in Scratch? Newgrounds will allow you to submit that. (Not sure how, though...)

P.S: It's "blammed", not "blocked".

playstationpal22 responds:

Thank you for the review! I think I won't use pivot anymore. The animation board is crap and there is nothing to do.

The Marvelous Adventures of P-Head: Episode 1 The Marvelous Adventures of P-Head: Episode 1

Rated 0 / 5 stars

...what the fuck? Where do i even start?

First off, where do you get the idea of the letter P (from a 1971 logo, as he says) talking to a Paramount logo!?

Second, i can't hear a single thing Paramount is saying at the beginning, so i don't really know what's going on, at all, so next thing i know, the... p-head thing... starts talking about companies, and then suddenly he's talking about how Fox distributed a film, and then back to listing companies again.

Third, it goes absolutely NOWHERE for the first 3 and a half minutes. Just two logos arguing. (i think, again, couldn't hear a thing Paramount was saying) Next thing i know, you're talking about childhood while you're... using the bathroom? (and then suddenly "IT'S GOOOOOOOOOD")

Fourth, AFTER those 3 and a half minutes, instead of going nowhere, it goes absolutely everywhere with no sense of direction. It goes from "IT'S GOOOOOOOOOD" and then immediately to playing Kirby Air Ride (unique choice, i must say), and then telling Paramount that PBS Kids is going downhill (and i still can't hear him >:c). Uh... where's the plot in all this?

Fifth, considering you say this is Comedy, there doesn't appear to be an attempt at a joke. (not saying the jokes sucked, it just seemed like there wasn't any)

Good lord, i can't even add a half a star for it's length because there's no plot!

tl;dr Paramount needs to be louder, the plot seems to be missing, and it's just ridiculous. Some major improvement needs to be made. (Yes, this review is a lot longer then it needs to be, but i'm not particularly savvy when it comes to reviews.)

CaptinFalconFan2000s responds:

Hey, just wanna say, i kind of don't have plots, but i have an uncut version with bloopers. Actually, he said "ITS GOOOONE!" Because he could not find the controller, but he finds it. and sorry if Paramount Is not loud enough.